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Cosmetic, Food and Industrial Preservative, XK-Benzoate

XK-Benzoate is a preservative for cosmetic, medicine, and fodder which can habit the growth of multiple bacteria and microorganism at low concentration.  This product is white, odorless, tasteless, non-irritating, highly safe, crystalline powder. It has a very good antibacterial activity whether in acid, alkali or neutral solution, so it can be used in where acid and salt preservatives can’t take effect. This product has the advantages of versatile functions and wide applicability. It can be used as a safe chemical preservative for food, used in industry for ink, coating, and lubricant. It is especially suitable for cosmetics including cream, mouthwash, and toothpaste.

Physical and chemical indicators:

Items Indicators
Appearance Colorless to light yellow clear liquid
Effective components(%) 15~16
pH 6~7
Density(20℃.g/cm3) 1.0~1.1
Recommended dosage(%) 0.1~0.2
Storage Store in dark, cool place.
Nantong Boda Biochemistry Co., Ltd. specializes in producing preservatives, fungicides, and pesticides for a wide range of daily products. Formerly Xinke Daily Chemical Co. and established in 1999, our company was renamed Nantong Boda Biochemistry Co., Ltd. in 2003. The same trademark, “XK,” is still used. The XK brand is well-known and favored by international manufacturers in the fields of cosmetics, construction, home decor, water treatment, textiles, cleaning products, and paper. Our main products--wood protection and kathon-based preservatives--are widely used in many countries, and the feedback from our clients is universally positive. Our products kill and inhibit the growth of bacteria, mildew, and fungi, so your products can remain fresh for extended periods of time.
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