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XK-A1 Dry Film Preservative

The XK-A1 dry film preservative is one of our most effective fungicide at present, killing and inhibiting mildew, yeast, algae, fungi, and bacteria. It is widely used in all kinds of water or dandruff-based cosmetic products, paint, coatings, and leather products.

Chemical composition: IPBC

1. This long lasting fungicide can keep for up to two years at 40℃.
2. Though insoluble in water, this dry film biocide is soluble in propylene glycol, ethanol and other low-alcohol organic solvents.
3. The preservative works within a pH value range of 4.0 to 10. The dry film fungicide is compatible with many chemicals and won't be affected by other additives. If used with XK-01, the effects are even better.
4. Safe: A semi-lethal oral dose for mice was more than 1470 mg / kg.

Physical and chemical features

Items Indicators
Appearance White to light yellow solid
Content (%) ≥98
Recommended dosage (%) 0.01~0.05
Storage Dark, cool, sealed

Packaging: 25kg/barrel

Users need to protect against contact with skin and eyes. If the powder preservative does touch skin or eyes, rinse immediately with water.

Nantong Boda Biochemistry Co., Ltd. specializes in producing preservatives, fungicides, and pesticides for a wide range of daily products. Formerly Xinke Daily Chemical Co. and established in 1999, our company was renamed Nantong Boda Biochemistry Co., Ltd. in 2003. The same trademark, “XK,” is still used. The XK brand is well-known and favored by international manufacturers in the fields of cosmetics, construction, home decor, water treatment, textiles, cleaning products, and paper. Our main products--wood protection and kathon-based preservatives--are widely used in many countries, and the feedback from our clients is universally positive. Our products kill and inhibit the growth of bacteria, mildew, and fungi, so your products can remain fresh for extended periods of time.
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