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XK-M6 Wood Protection

XK-M6 wood protection is a highly efficient special wood protective agent for treatment of constructional and framework timber which was newly made by our company. The product is supplied as a micro-emulsion concentrate, which is easily diluted with water to form an exceptionally stable treatment solution.

XK-M6 wood protection is a highly effective combination of new generation biocides which protect wood from fungal decay and insect attack, including termites.

Chemical Composition: Tebuconazole, propiconazole, IPBC, cypermethrin

Major Properties
1. Stability: XK-M6 wood protection is stable at a vast scope of temperatures (-5°C to 30 °C).
2. Compatibility: XK-M6 wood protection must not be mixed with other products.
3. XK-M6 wood protection has a good water-solubility and wood permeability. It dilutes easily with water.
4. XK-M6 wood protection can effectively protect wood from fungal decay and insect attack, including termites. It can keep the original color of timber. The treated timber can be coated with all conventional finishes and glued after a drying period of 48 hours.

Items Indicators
Appearance A straw-colored liquid concentrate
PH 7
Density at 20°C(g/cm3 1.04
Flammability Non flammable
Freezing Point(°C) -5
Storage Stored out of direct sunlight and at 5°C to 30°C

Package: 200kg/drum

Direction for Use
1. Mixing and Concentration
XK-M6 wood protection concentrate must be added to water. A solution of XK-M6 is obtained by diluting one part of XK-M6 wood protection concentrate with nine parts of water.
Add 9 parts of water to 1 part of XK-M6 wood protection concentrate under agitation.
Example are given in the following table

Total volume (Litres) Volume of concentrate XK-M6 (Litres) Required volume of water (Litres)
10,000 1,000 9,000
20,000 2,000 18,000
30,000 3,000 27,000
50,000 5,000 45,000

2. Treatment
Timber must be treated by dipping for approximately 3 minutes. The absorption of 15 to 20 l/m3 is expected depending on the species and moisture content of the timber. After treatment, the treated timber should be stored on a designated drip dry area until no drip drops. Any treated timber should be re-treated after processed. The treatment should be carried out at a temperature higher than 5°C. It is prohibited to treat frozen timber with XK-M6.

The operators should pay attention to personal protection and wear protective gloves, protective clothing and masks. If the concentrate contact with your skin and eyes, please rinse with water immediately.

Test Reports
We provide test reports, including Outgoing Quality Control Report and inspection report of the third party.

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